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Craig McAnuff

Head designer & Branding expert

With over 10 years of industry experience, Craig has Art directed & designed for brands such as Virgin, Sony, L’Oreal, Mars, Lucozade, Delta and more. He’s expertise covers a range of Branding & marketing solutions such as Graphic & Web design, social media marketing and business & branding strategies to help businesses grow in influence and like-ability.

A Bucks New University Graphic design & advertising graduate, Craig has passionately helped existing & exciting new start up companies grow into worldwide influencers, also becoming a No.1 best-selling author, co-founding Original Flava, a buzzing new Caribbean food platform. His branding & marketing strategies helped Original Flava gain over 300,00 social media followers in it’s first year.

He’s loves people and is fully committed in leading new innovators and helping companies connect with their audiences and provide effective solutions

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