Original Flava


We were tasked with building a brand strategy for Original Flava, a Caribbean food platform started by brothers Craig & Shaun, who weren’t chef trained but grew a love for cooking from Jamaican nan & mum.

Most people loved Caribbean food but didn’t know how to make it, often seeing it as a cuisine that required intense knowledge of each dish – which led to people being intimidated by the complexity and mystery of it.

The existing videos online were long and tedious, put together by traditional Caribbean people with access to ingredients that the wider audience didn’t have much knowledge about.


To create easy to follow Caribbean recipe videos in under one minute on social media, whilst showcasing the brothers as relatable people that would give the everyday person confidence they can also cook the food too.

We created an acronym of E.A.T = Easy, Accessible, Tasty Caribbean food. Which stood as a base for the brand’s strategy & mission.

  • 750k online followers
  • 110million video views
  • 3 best selling cookbooks
  • Partnerships with brands incl. Guinness, Nike, Marks n Spencers, Waitrose, Zoom, GQ, Google, Sunday Brunch